About our cubbies

At Cubbies for Kids we love having fun and we love building things.  Using our extensive experience
in building and construction we strive to create cubbies that are unique in design and meet the high function demands of children  Every cubby we make is constructed from the best quality materials and by qualified tradesmen.

These are the best cubbies available on the market today.  We're sure you'll be impressed and your kids will love em!

What makes our cubbies special?

These cubbies are quality craftsman built with everything pre-assembled so all you have to do is screw it together.  The windows and doors are pre-installed onto the frames and weatherboards attached.  The floor is pre-assembled, as is the roof, which just needs to be put in and fixed with the screws provided.

Easy Assembly

Putting a cubby together is super easy for two people and can be completed in around 60 minutes.  In fact these cubbies are much easier to assemble that just about any cubby you will find.  Each cubby comes flat packed and easily loads onto a 6x4 trailer making pick up a breeze.   


You choose the finish

The walls come unpainted so you can choose the finish.  The windows are white powder coated aluminium and the doors pre-painted white on grey.

Safer Construction

While most other cubby companies use corrugated steel roofing, which turns the cubby into a sauna in summer and a freezer in winter, we use roof sheet ply with an asphalt sheet covering. This, together with our weatherproof construction, means that your kids can be safe from the elements playing in our cubbies all year round.

Quality Windows

All our windows are powder coated aluminium frames with glass (AS346) just like you find on most homes.  They come in fixed and sliding configurations with 1 sliding window fitted in every cubby for enhanced ventilation.

Lots of Options

Weve created lots of wonderful options to make your cubby unique to your family. Add a sign to spark the imagination, a loft or verandah for more playing versatility, dormer windows, shingle roof and decorative chimney for character and charm and dont forget the carport for the bike!

Clever design

If space is at a premium at your place then our 'Shop' could be the perfect answer to your problems.  Built with the door at the end of a more rectangular 1.5m x 2.2m floor plan the shop still affords the same generous internal play area with a better fit for narrow blocks.  It's also very popular with many families as a companion structure to any of our other cubbies for the creation of a little town with a house and shop to play in.





Easy Pick-Up

Cubbies are available for pick up from our workshop in Somerville, Victoria. We can also arrange transport to depots in other capital cities. Your cubby comes in a flat pack that easily loads onto a 7x5 trailer.

Please allow 3 weeks from date of your order for construction.

Delivery and assembly can be arranged in some states, please contact Cubbies for Kids for a specific quote for your location.

Note: the manufacturer reserves the right to alter the materials and colours depending on availability and supply.